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Important End of Year Info

Q.  When do we have to move out?

A.   Refer to your lease for when your tenancy ends.  You are not permitted to be at the property after the lease ends as it is no longer your property to occupy.

Q.  Can we leave gear at the property to collect next February?

A.   No, after your lease ends you have no access to the property so you cannot store gear there.

Q.   But Why cant we store gear there?

A.   Well we could write an essay on this.  But here are some things to consider.  When you hand your keys back how do you get in to get your gear out?  What happens when a new tenant moves in and all your gear is in their bedroom that they are paying rent for and want to move their gear into?  Who is responsible for the security of your gear when your lease has run out and the new tenants have moved in and your gear goes missing?  We could go on.... but the answer sorry is no storing gear outside of your tenancy.

Q.  So do we need to take everything we own out?

A.  Yes, we need to get the property ready for the next tenants.  So everything goes, including the old couch your uncle donated to you you and the manky old toilet brush that you thought would be good for the next tenants.  If you don't clean out the property then we have to clean it out and the cost of doing so will come out of your bond.

Q.   What if the incoming tenant has bought some of our gear?

A.   No problem with this. Just box up the items and leave it neatly stacked (don't leave it all in the kitchen cupboards as we need to ensure the cupboards are clean).  All boxes of items and stacked furniture need to be clearly labeled as purchased by incoming tenants and you need to notify the property manager that this is happening so the items are not disposed of.

Q.   What about cleaning?  How clean does the flat need to be?

A.   The law says the property must be left 'reasonably clean and tidy'.  The issue is when two parties disagree on what is reasonable.  We are very experienced in this and we can quickly see if the place has been reasonably cleaned.  For example if your flat has a free standing oven, pull it out from the wall and look behind it.

Q.   Do we need to commercially clean the carpets?

A.   Again the carpet has to be reasonably clean and tidy.  If the carpet has had a hammering during the year and you think it may need cleaned then talk to your property manager before hiring a rug doctor machine.  Sometimes these machines can actually damage the carpet.  Also we have commercial carpet cleaning people who are competitive price wise (simply subtract your labour cost) and do a much better cleaning job than a rug doctor machine.

Q.   All my flatmates have left and they have not cleaned and I have a plane to catch, what do I do?

A.   We see this a lot where one person gets left to do all the cleaning.  Don't stress, talk to your property manager.  We will probably suggest you clean your own room and then either you or we get a cleaner in for the common areas and split the bill between you all.

Q.   What do we do with our keys?

A.   Your property manager will have left a note for you all about this.  If you are not sure contact your property manager.

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