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Renting for 2023

Sorry all our properties are rented for 2023

Renting for 2024

Please do not contact us now for renting any properties for 2024

This website will go live on Tuesday 25th July with all flats that we know will be available for 2024 (as of that day).

No flats will be listed for rent or rented before this date (even if you do txt or email us to try and beat the queue).  This makes it fair for everyone.  So please just check this website on 25th July for available flats.

For more on what that means, read the note below.

Due to changes in tenancy laws regarding fixed term tenancies, current tenants in our flats can continue the existing tenancy if they all choose to.  Where tenants have not yet decided if they want to stay on in the flat, we cannot advertise the flat as it may not be available.  In these cases those flats will be labelled “Not Known if Available”.  Please keep refreshing our website to find flats as they become available during the year.

For Info on Tenancy Changes Click Here

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