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The properties that we know are available for 2024 are now listed


If a property says "Not Known if Flat Available" it means the current tenants have not informed us if they are staying for 2024. So we cannot advertise that property or do viewings.


If you wish to view any properties that say "Flat Available" please contact the property manager for that property to organise a viewing.

We require you to view properties before applying.  If you wish to apply for a property at the time or after a viewing then please read the information on the FORMS-CONTACT tab above.

Due to changes in tenancy laws regarding fixed term tenancies, current tenants in our flats can continue the existing tenancy if they all choose to.  Where tenants have not yet decided if they want to stay on in the flat, we cannot advertise the flat as it may not be available.  In these cases those flats will be labelled “Not Known if Available”.  Please keep refreshing our website to find flats as they become available during the year.

For Info on Tenancy Changes Click Here

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