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What is Black Mould?

Is there such a thing as “Black Mould” or is it just a mould that is Black?.  Please visit these links to understand a bit more about mould.

There are mould spores everywhere.  These spores need moisture to grow, so in a house they will grow in high humidity areas where there is condensation.  Please read the section called What is Condensation? to better understand how condensation is formed.

If condensation is not managed mould spores will grow in the areas where we spend the most time and create the most moisture.  So it is more likely to find mould forming in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry’s.  It is less likely to form in hallways and storage cupboards.

The upshot is that in winter in Dunedin it is likely that you are going to experience some kind of condensation which if not controlled by wiping down, heating and ventilating then, mould spores may grow.  Mould may form on walls, ceilings, windows and in dead areas (where there is no airflow).  You may even experience pink mould in your shower (which is actually a colony of bacteria and not mould).

If you search on the internet there are many views on suitable methods to remove mould.  There are also other views to say that other methods are wrong.


Bleach or don’t bleach.  Vinegar or don’t vinegar.  Some promote store bought mould removal products and some say don’t use these but use methylated spirits instead.  We have tried various methods and we have our preferred methods but it is your choice as to your situation and beliefs as to which method you choose.

Below are some links to recognised sites which have differing views on differing methods to help you choose.

Don’t wait though.  The earlier you get onto it, the easier it will be to clean up and control any mould.

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