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Gas Problems

Please read down to try and analyse common faults.

There is no hot water.

Check to see if there is any gas in your bottles.  If not then you will have to get them refilled.  To check if they are full pour some warm water over the outside of the bottle (not boiling water).  Wait a few minutes and then run your hand down the outside of the bottle.  The bottle will feel cold at the level of the Liquid Petroleum.  You may also see condensation forming at that level.

If the bottles are full then there may be a problem with the gas regulator or gas water heater.  Please contact us.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT TURN THE VALVE yourselves.  Swapping valves can cause increased pressure in the valve and in the gas heater and can cause hundreds of dollars in repairs.

For more information about water heating click the link below and scroll down to the Gas Hot Water section

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