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Lighting Problems

Please read down to try and analyse common faults.

There are no lights working and no power sockets working.

Refer to Power Problems to resolve this.

There is only one light not working.

It is highly likely that the light bulb has blown.  When you moved into the flat the light bulbs should have all been working.  If a bulb stops working during your tenancy it is your responsibility to replace the light bulb.  Most room lights use standard bayonet fitting light bulbs.  These bayonet fitting bulbs may be of filament type, fluorescent type or LED type.

Filament type bulbs work until they no longer work.  They don’t just work sometimes (once the filament is broken they stop working).  Fluorescent bulbs can work sometimes and not others.  If they only work sometimes then they need to be replaced.  LED bulbs also generally either work or they don’t work.

Bulb Clear.jpg


Bulb Flourescent.jpg


Bulb LED.jpg


LED bulbs are becoming much cheaper and they last longer

How to change a light bulb

We actually get asked this quite often as many people who go flatting for the first time have never changed a light bulb.  Light bulbs can be purchased at supermarkets and other stores.  Once you have purchased a new bulb, before changing the bulb remember to first turn the light switch off.


With bayonet fitting bulbs you have to push the bulb firmly back into the fitting then gently turn the bulb slightly anticlockwise and then release the pressure on the bulb to allow the bulb to come out of the slot in the fitting.  Don’t just try and unscrew the bulb (like you do for a screw in bedside lamp type bulb) or the bulb may break off in the fitting or you may break the fitting itself.

The bulb has been replaced but the light is still not working.

Sometimes even a brand new bulb does not work as it was already broken when you bought it (filament types can be quite fragile).  Try another bulb that you know is working (from another fitting).  If that bulb does not work then please contact us.

The bulb is sitting on a weird angle, or The bulb won’t stay in the fitting.

The part of the fitting that holds the bulb in place has probably been broken.  Please contact us.

There are several lights not working but other lights are working.

If you have changed the bulbs and that did not solve the problem then check the switchboard.  All flats have a switchboard that has either fuses or circuit breakers that control power to different circuits of the flat (including lighting circuits).  If your flat has some (or all) circuit breakers then check that none of the circuit breakers have been tripped (lever pointing the wrong way compared to the others, also pointing up is usually on and pointing down is usually off).  Push the lever in the correct direction to reset the circuit.  If all the circuit breakers look fine, and the switchboard also has fuses then please contact us (often lighting circuit fuses have not been upgraded to circuit breakers on older switchboards).

I have reset the circuit breaker but it tripped off again.

There is something wrong with one of the lights that is causing a fault.  This is most likely a faulty bulb or faulty fitting.  The faulty bulb may be in someone else’s bedroom but because it is on the same circuit as yours, then your light won’t work as theirs has a faulty bulb.  Check all rooms have working lights and if they don’t, then replace the bulbs.  If this does not solve the problem then please contact us.


Do Not keep resetting circuit breakers if they keep tripping all the time.  They trip for a reason, to stop harm from electrical faults, please contact us if this occurs.

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